How to use Mine Textile Stamp?

Copy of template 1200 x 600 (7)

Mine Textile Marker allows you to personalise imprints on your own. Using wash- resistant textile ink, you can stamp on clothes, bags, notebooks and more.

  • Practical

Mark clothes with Textile Stamp just a click on the textile marker.  Now your family’s clothes will not be mixed up at work and at school.

  • Waterproof 

Worry-free when you wash clothes. Textile Stamp imprint uses waterproof ink which will not wash away even at your 50th wash!

  • Works on most surface

Besides clothes, you can even label on notebooks, bags and more with just one click.

How to replace the spare ink pad?

  1. Click the button on both side and push down to lock the stamp
  2. Push the cover on the both side to remove the cap

How to set the letters on the mine stamp?

  1. Click the button on both side and push down to lock the stamp
  2. Select the characters one by one and place them from right to left
  3. You can set up to three line


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